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Plymouth Road Runner Superbird (RM23)


(via mycamaro1967)




300ZX Z31 VG30E on a pallet. 

Cause that’s good for your exhaust valves 😔

This literally has no effect on the VG. The most bullet proof motor you find.

I really am not trying to be a dick, and maybe I just had a bad expereince from my Z32 but from that experience I hate VG30s! Lol! I would agree that the internals are pretty damn strong. But all of the vacuum systems and electronics are a major pain in the ass. I bought the car and it had a major vacuum leak and idled at or above 1500RPM. I stripped down the engine to find no intake manifold gaskets and a ton of broken and ripped vacuum hard lines and hoses. Was a nightmare project from a horrible previous owner that I let myself get talked into. I replaced the ECU, did a tune up(plugs, filters and etc) and replaced everything on, under, and above the intake manifold without replacing the manifold itself and it still was not fixed when I sold it. Was really disappointing as I loved the sound of the exhaust, the start up sound, and loved driving it. If I get another Z I’m just going to drive it until it catastrophically fails then VH45 or LSX swap it.